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Gerberas are beautiful and vibrant flowers. They are very popular in our store because of their versatility. You can give gerberas to your loved one, relatives, friends, and colleagues. The rich color palette allows you to give these flowers for different occasions. In order not to get confused in the variety of gerberas, I propose to find out the meaning of these flowers.

Gerberas or Transvaal daisies were known as far back as Ancient Egypt. There they were considered a symbol of the sun, proximity to nature. In England, during the reign of Queen Victoria, these flowers began to denote cheerfulness and happiness, as well as understatement, mystery. Nowadays, people with the help of bouquets of gerberas most often express wishes for happiness and success, as well as joy and benevolence.

There are several dozen gerbera colors in the world. They are white, pink, orange, red, variegated, etc. Only blue gerberas do not exist. What kind of flowers and to whom to give, so as not to be mistaken?

  • White gerberas denote purity, innocence, tenderness. You can present such a bouquet to a young girl. But most often grooms present them to their brides on the wedding day.
  • Pink gerberas are a symbol of joy and admiration. You can buy these flowers for the birthday of your sister, friend and even your girlfriend.
  • Orange gerberas are very bright and beautiful flowers. Looking at them, you rejoice. If you give gerberas of this color to a person, you will wish him well-being in business and other areas of life. Orange gerberas are a great gift for a friend, work colleague or relatives.
  • Yellow gerberas are most like the sun. They bring joy and goodness. You can present such flowers to your parents, friends for their birthday. Yellow in the East means success, so feel free to give gerberas to your colleagues at work.
  • Gerberas red or crimson, unlike other shades, express romantic feelings. You can present these flowers to your girlfriend. Red gerberas will show her, that you are in love and want to be with a girl.
  • You can give burgundy gerberas as a sign of respect, gratitude, to your mother or aunt. Flowers of this shade are presented to women aged 35 and older.
  • In our store you can buy not only single-color bouquets, but also mixed bouquets of gerberas of different colors. With their help, you will express a whole range of feelings. For example, by combining orange and yellow flowers, you wish the person well-being and good luck in life. A bouquet of white and red gerberas shows your tenderness and at the same time passion for the girl.

Florists Flowers-Pattaya use only fresh flowers to create bouquets. Gerberas come to our shop without leaves, so for the splendor of the bouquet we add seasonal green filler to it. We pack all bouquets in beautiful craft paper and tie them with a satin ribbon. The cost of a bouquet of gerberas includes a card with your message to the recipient. Same day flower delivery in Pattaya is possible, when placing an order and paying for it until 2 pm.