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Roses are some of the most beautiful flowers on the planet. No wonder they are called queens. Rose bouquets are the most popular in our flower shop, because they can convey a whole range of feelings. To help you with the choice of colors, we suggest studying their symbolism.

Throughout history, people have endowed roses with different symbols. In ancient Greece these flowers were considered a symbol of infinity, because they had the shape of a circle with no beginning or end. At different times young girls were compared to rosebuds, because their beauty is fleeting, like the opened bud of the queen of flowers. Among the ancient Romans the rose was a symbol of courage. When soldiers went to war, they wore wreaths of beautiful flowers on their heads instead of helmets. Wreaths added courage to them on the battlefield.

In the XIX century. peoples gave bouquets of roses  to confess their love. There was a whole language of flowers, in which the color of the rose symbolized different feelings. This language is still relevant, and you can use it as a guide when choosing a bouquet for your beloved girlfriend or wife, mother, friend, boss, colleague, etc.

Pink roses are a symbol of a new beginning, so they are often given at the beginning of a relationship to show their sympathy and tenderness for the person. A bouquet of bright pink roses can be presented to a friend or colleague as gratitude for a service or courtesy.

Red roses are a symbol of passionate love. With such a bouquet, you can confess your love, desire, or present it on the day of the marriage proposal. The brighter the red color, the stronger the feelings, that one person has for another. For example, scarlet roses speak of romantic love, and burgundy roses speak of ardent passion, a strong desire to possess a loved one.

White roses symbolize innocence, loyalty, joy. Beautiful white flowers presented to their soulmate, speak of tenderness and admiration for a person and admiration for his beauty and personality. Bouquets of white roses are a symbol of purity, that is why they are often presented for weddings.

Yellow roses are amazing sunny flowers, that will cheer you up. They mean friendship, joy, respect. Bouquets of yellow roses can be presented to friends, spouses. Flowers of yellow shades are the best gift for a girl after a quarrel with her. They mean reconciliation and the desire to start all over again with this person. In Asia, yellow is a symbol of health, wealth, therefore bouquets with flowers of this shade are given to express wishes of good luck in business and good health.

Orange roses symbolize good luck and admiration. They can be gifted to a work colleague in honor of the success of the joint project and the completion of business. You can confess your love with such flowers, because orange roses speak of adoration. Often, bouquets of orange flowers are used to decorate tables for different holidays.

We use only the freshest flowers to create bouquets. They have long stems and large buds. Our florists decorate beautiful roses in an attractive gift wrapper, decorate them with seasonal green filler. Here you can order roses of any color or combination of flowers in bouquets from 7 to 100 pcs. Delivery of any bouquet of roses in Pattaya, as well as a greeting card with your message are included in its price. Same day flower delivery in Pattaya is possible for each bouquet, unless otherwise indicated in the detailed product description.