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Features of flowers for Valentine’s Day

Premium Roses Plateau from Flowers-Pattaya.

Dear customers. This year, to create all the bouquets for Valentine’s Day (flower delivery in Pattaya on February 13-14), we use only the most Premium Plateau Roses. This is one of the most beautiful varieties of roses. Large round buds of perfect shape, bright red color. So that you can see and appreciate the difference, below are 2 photos: ordinary imported red roses (many shops in Pattaya offer just such flowers) and Plateau Premium Roses that your beloved girlfriend or wife will receive this year from Flowers-Pattaya.

Normal roses
Ordinary roses
Premium roses Plateau

Even the photographs show that Plateau roses look much more beautiful and a bouquet of such roses will not be symbolic, but a bright and luxurious gift on Valentine’s Day. In real life, the difference is even more noticeable! Happy orders!

Crafting Love Stories with Unique Valentine’s Day Bouquets

In the heart of Thailand, Flowers-Pattaya blooms with passion as Valentine’s Day approaches. Discover a distinctive celebration with our exclusive bouquets, available for delivery from February 11th to February 15th, ensuring your love story unfolds in a truly unique way.

Bouquet Selection:
At Flowers-Pattaya, we redefine romance with a curated Valentine’s Day collection featuring the classic allure of red roses and a limited selection of expressive white and pink roses. Immerse yourself in the art of floral storytelling, as each bouquet encapsulates the essence of love. Note that alternative bouquets are limited during this special celebration.

Pricing and Ordering:
Acknowledging the increased demand for fresh roses, our Valentine’s Day bouquet prices reflect the market dynamics. To make your celebration more budget-friendly, we encourage early orders, taking advantage of pricing before the surge in fresh rose costs leading up to February 14th. As a special treat, enjoy complimentary delivery to any area in Pattaya, elevating your Valentine’s Day experience.

Dedicated Team Effort:
Behind the scenes, the passionate team at Flowers-Pattaya works tirelessly on Valentine’s Day, ensuring every bouquet is meticulously crafted and delivered. While we strive to respond promptly to customer inquiries, the surge in demand during this period may result in slight delays in providing real-time delivery updates.

Complimentary Delivery Details:
Adding an extra touch of delight, Flowers-Pattaya offers free delivery to any area in Pattaya. Simplify your surprise by providing precise recipient contact details, including phone number of the bouquet recipient to facilitate coordination for the flower delivery. Additionally, we encourage specifying not only the postal address but also details like hotel, condominium, bar, cafe, or any specific building name (including room number, if applicable). This additional information proves more beneficial for our courier, especially given the challenges in locating addresses on Google Maps in Thailand.

Let Flowers-Pattaya be the canvas for your unique Valentine’s Day celebration. Experience the magic of our exclusive bouquets, delivered with unmatched care. We extend warm wishes for a joyous Valentine’s Day filled with authentic mutual love. Thank you for choosing Flowers-Pattaya flower shop to be part of your extraordinary moments.