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12 Red Roses (Valentine’s day)


Beautiful bouquet of 12 premium red roses from Flowers-Pattaya. This is a real bestseller of this holiday of love, because in many countries and cultures, 12 red roses are the traditional gift for Valentine’s Day. We use only large imported roses to create this bouquet, as well as white gypsophila or statice flowers as a seasonal green filler. A beautiful gift wrap with a bright ribbon and a greeting card with your message are already included in the price of this bouquet. Free delivery of a bouquet of 12 red roses in Pattaya from February 11 to February 15 (please indicate the correct delivery date in the calendar).

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This Valentine’s Day, convey your love with a touch of elegance through Flowers-Pattaya’s 12 Large Imported Roses bouquet. In Thai culture, the number 12 holds significant symbolism, representing completeness and unity. Globally, 12 is associated with perfection and totality. Hence, gifting a bouquet of 12 roses carries a universal message of a perfect and complete love, making it an ideal choice for expressing heartfelt sentiments on this special occasion.

Why are 12 red roses the epitome of Valentine’s Day romance? The answer lies in the timeless tradition of love and passion. The rich red hue of these roses symbolizes deep love and desire, making the 12 red roses bouquet the most popular choice for expressing romantic affection on Valentine’s Day. Flowers-Pattaya understands the importance of this tradition and ensures that each of the 12 large imported roses in their bouquet is a testament to the passion and commitment behind the gesture.

Behind the creation of each bouquet is the expertise of Flowers-Pattaya’s professional florists, who skillfully arrange these large imported roses with lush buds to create a visually stunning masterpiece. The florists at Flowers-Pattaya not only showcase their artistic prowess but also their dedication to ensuring that every petal embodies the essence of love. With free flower delivery in Pattaya, your expression of love becomes even more convenient, making Flowers-Pattaya the go-to choice for impeccable flower delivery in Pattaya. From February 11 to 14, let the beauty and symbolism of the 12 Large Imported Roses from Flowers-Pattaya be the perfect messenger of your love.


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