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Joy and Respect bouquet (2 days)


A bouquet of mixed orchids from Flowers Pattaya is a wonderful gift for friends, relatives and colleagues. It consists of flowers of different types and colors, therefore it is suitable for several occasions. We supplemented the delicate orchids with round eucalyptus leaves for splendor. The bouquet is wrapped in cpecial craft paper and decorated with a bright purple ribbon.

Dear customers: please order this bouquet at least 2 days before delivery!

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You can give a bouquet of orchids for birthday, Mother’s Day or if you are going to visit. Lush purple flowers are a symbol of respect, appreciation and power. Yellow orchids are a symbol of cheerfulness and friendship. Pink flowers represent joy, elegance and happiness. Red – symbolize passion. Orchids of all these flowers are in our bouquet. Who should you present them to?

Most often, Joy and Respect bouquet are given to either women bosses or friends (yellow and purple colors). If you present such a bouquet for your boss’s birthday, it will tell her, that you are happy to work under her leadership, admire and respect. A bouquet of mixed orchids will show your friends and colleagues your joy from communicating with them, will cheer them up, wish you prosperity. You can give a bouquet of Joy and respect to your mother or aunt as a sign of gratitude, respect and wish them happiness and health.

The composition of the Joy and Respect bouquet includes large purple and dark pink orchids. The rest of the flowers (yellow, red and light pink) with smaller flowers. For beauty and contrast, we have added round eucalyptus leaves to the orchids. If you wish, we will add a greeting card with your wishes to the recipient for free. The orchids will be beautifully wrapped and tied with a bright ribbon. Same day flower delivery in Pattaya is possible, when placing an order and paying for it until 2 pm.


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