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Pink Feeling bouquet


Bouquet of fresh Pink Lilies from Flowers-Pattaya. Lilies are one of the most beautiful flowers on Earth. They are endowed with different symbols. In the language of flowers, lilies mean purity, pride, glory, fortitude, etc. Therefore, pink lilies are very popular in our store, because you can give a bouquet of them for various occasions. To create a bouquet, florists use fresh pink lilies with closed and partially opened flowers. For beauty seasonal green filler is added to such bouquets. All our lilies are wrapped in special craft paper and tied with colorful ribbons.

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One of the meanings of pink lilies is romantic feeling. Young people can safely give such a bouquet to girls, if they feel affection for them and respect them, because the lily is a proud flower. You can give pink lilies for your birthday to your girlfriend or wife, as well as your sister or cousin. In China, lilies are considered a flower, that can calm a person, endow him with inner strength. That is why pink lilies are given to people, who have lost loved ones in order to heal heart and mental wounds as soon as possible. Another meaning of a flower – is family well-being. A bouquet of pink lilies can be presented to newlyweds for a wedding, given to a wife on a wedding anniversary with a wish of happiness and family joy. Our florists use only fresh, partially blooming flowers to create a bouquet of pink lilies. Traditionally, they add seasonal green filler to a bouquet of pink lilies. The bouquet is wrapped in a beautiful gift paper with a bright or light color ribbon. The cost of a Pink Feeling bouquet includes a greeting card with your message to the recipient. Same day flower delivery in Pattaya is possible, when placing an order and paying for it until 2 pm.


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