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Thai Treasure bouquet (2 days)


Cash bouquet 10,000 baht with fresh flowers from Flowers-Pattaya. This bouquet will definitely be an excellent and desirable gift for any Thai girl, as well as for a wife or mother. In addition to a large bouquet of fresh lilies, roses and carnations, 20 banknotes of 500 baht each were added to the bouquet. As a result, the monetary value of your gift is 10,000 baht. The bouquet is beautifully presented in a gift wrap with ribbon, and the price already includes a greeting card with your personal message and delivery in Pattaya. We recommend ordering this money bouquet 2 or more days before the delivery date.


This large bouquet of flowers and Thai banknotes features fresh white or pink lilies, premium imported roses (orange, pink or red), and bright, fresh carnations. Each bloom in this bouquet symbolizes different facets of love and admiration: lilies represent purity and devotion, roses embody passion and romance, while carnations convey admiration and gratitude. But what sets Thai Treasure bouquet apart is the inclusion of 20 banknotes, each valued at 500 baht, carefully nestled among the blossoms. This infusion of cash elevates the gift to a whole new level, adding a tangible expression of generosity and prosperity to the already stunning floral arrangement.

To ensure that the bouquet is as beautiful as possible, our florists require time to receive fresh banknotes from the bank branch and time to individually package each banknote. Therefore, we ask our customers to order these or any other money bouquets from our flower shop in Pattaya for delivery in 2 days or more. The bouquet has a high value – 10,000 baht is about 280 USD or 250 euros (the Thai baht exchange rate changes by about 7% throughout the year). Therefore, we trust the delivery of a money bouquet only to trusted couriers and deliver such a bouquet only after agreeing on the delivery time with the recipient (we cannot deliver a bouquet with money in the lobby or in front of the recipient’s door).

Order your Thai Treasure bouquet today from Flowers-Pattaya flower shop and make a lasting impression that will be cherished for years to come!


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