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Hydrangea Haven basket

Original price was: ฿4,580.Current price is: ฿3,960.

Hydrangea Haven flower basket from Flowers-Pattaya. The core of this large flower basket is a large inflorescence of blue hydrangea, around which are placed fresh pink lilies, imported pink roses, pink carnations and large pink gerberas. Bright branches of limonium and statice, as well as white eustoma or gypsophila can be added as additional flowers. The Hydrangea Haven flower basket is decorated with a colorful bow, and the price includes delivery in Pattaya and a greeting card with your message to the recipient of the flowers.


Discover an exquisite expression of floral artistry with the Hydrangea Haven flower basket from Flowers-Pattaya. At the heart of this stunning arrangement lies a magnificent inflorescence of blue hydrangeas, evoking serenity and grace. Surrounding this focal point are vibrant pink lilies, symbolic of devotion and admiration, alongside imported pink roses exuding elegance and affection. Pink carnations, known for their enduring beauty, intertwine with large pink gerberas, imparting a sense of joy and warmth to the composition.

Enhancing the bouquet’s allure are delicate branches of limonium and statice, which add texture and depth to the arrangement. For an extra touch of purity and sophistication, white eustoma or gypsophila may be incorporated as additional blooms, elevating the overall aesthetic with their pristine charm. Every element is meticulously selected and arranged by our skilled florists to ensure a harmonious blend of colors and textures.

It’s worth noting that almost all the flowers utilized by our professional florists are sourced from the finest growers, ensuring the highest quality and freshness. Each petal, each stem, is carefully inspected to guarantee a bouquet that exceeds expectations and delights the senses. The Hydrangea Haven flower basket isn’t just a stunning display of botanical beauty—it’s a thoughtful gesture imbued with meaning and sentiment. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, expressing gratitude, or simply conveying your love and appreciation, this exquisite arrangement serves as a heartfelt expression of your emotions.

Conveniently located in Pattaya, Flowers-Pattaya offers a seamless ordering experience, making it easy to brighten someone’s day with a gorgeous floral creation. And with free flower delivery in Pattaya included in the price, along with a personalized greeting card bearing your message to the recipient, spreading joy and happiness has never been easier. Experience the magic of flowers with the Hydrangea Haven flower basket—a timeless testament to the beauty of nature and the artistry of floral design.

*In case of possible unavailability of some flowers in the store, flowers of a different color or other flowers of similar value may be added to the basket.


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