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Love Story flower basket

Original price was: ฿3,170.Current price is: ฿2,850.

Love Story flower basket from Flowers-Pattaya. This small flower basket of fresh roses and carnations is a good choice in situations where you want to give a pleasant surprise and remind your loved one of your loving feelings without any additional occasion. To create this basket, our florists use 12 fresh imported roses (red and pink) along with a large number of red carnations, the color of which also shows your love. Also, some other flowers and green filler will be added to the Love Story flower basket from Flowers-Pattaya to create volume and contrast. This flower gift basket will be decorated with a red ribbon and bow, and the price already includes our signature greeting card for your message and delivery to all areas of Pattaya. Also, Love Story flower basket can be delivered to the Najomtien-Sattahip area (postal code 20250) for an additional fee.


The Love Story flower basket from Flowers-Pattaya is not just a beautiful arrangement; it’s a heartfelt message. The red roses symbolize deep love and passion, while the pink roses express admiration and gratitude. Combined, they create a powerful statement of affection and appreciation. Red carnations add an element of admiration and symbolize deep love, further enhancing the romantic message of the basket. The inclusion of other flowers and green fillers provides a vibrant contrast and enhances the overall aesthetic.

The flower basket holds an advantage over a traditional bouquet by offering an opulent appearance with a variety of flowers at a similar price point. It also features a floral sponge at the bottom, ensuring that the flowers remain fresh longer without the need for a vase, making it more convenient for the recipient.

Giving small, thoughtful gifts like this flower basket without waiting for a special occasion can greatly enrich relationships. It serves as a delightful surprise that reminds loved ones of your feelings, turning an ordinary day into a memorable one. You can trust our flower delivery service in Pattaya to provide not just flowers, but a beautifully crafted message of love and appreciation.


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