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Scent of Love basket

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Scent of Love flower basket is another gorgeous flower basket from Flowers-Bangkok. This floral masterpiece features fresh pink flowers: hydrangea, roses, lilies and carnations. And brighter color accents include red carnations, lilac limonium branches and purple eustoma. This color combination allows you to give a Scent of Love basket to ladies of any age and for any occasion. The price of this flower basket includes a branded greeting card from Flowers-Pattaya and delivery in Pattaya.


  1. At the heart of this enchanting arrangement lie lush hydrangeas, their clusters of dainty blossoms exuding an aura of grace and sincerity. Intertwined with the hydrangeas are the velvety petals of roses, symbolizing passion and admiration, while the serene beauty of lilies evokes purity and devotion. Delicately nestled among these blooms are carnations, their soft hues embodying admiration and gratitude, while the vivid crimson of red carnations adds a dash of fiery passion to the ensemble.

Accentuating the bouquet are lilac limonium branches, their wispy blooms adding a touch of whimsy, and the regal presence of purple eustoma, symbolizing admiration and appreciation. This harmonious blend of colors and textures ensures that the Scent of Love basket is a timeless gesture suitable for ladies of any age and for every occasion. Each bloom in this exquisite arrangement is carefully selected by our professional florists, ensuring that only the freshest and most vibrant flowers grace our creations.

Why choose the Scent of Love flower basket from Flowers-Pattaya? Whether you seek to convey your deepest emotions or simply wish to brighten someone’s day, this enchanting arrangement is the perfect choice. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just because, our flower baskets offer a timeless way to express your sentiments with elegance and grace.

Furthermore, the convenience of our flower baskets ensures that your thoughtful gesture will be enjoyed for days to come. With just a simple task of adding clean water directly to the basket, the recipient can effortlessly preserve the freshness and beauty of the flowers, allowing them to bask in their splendor for an extended period. With the Scent of Love flower basket, let our flower shop in Pattaya be your trusted companion in spreading joy and love to those who matter most.

*In case of possible unavailability of some flowers in the store, flowers of a different color or other flowers of similar value may be added to the basket.


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