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Luxurious Present bouquet (2 days)


Elevate the art of gift-giving with our extraordinary Luxurious Present bouquet from Flowers-Pattaya. This opulent creation isn’t just a bouquet; it’s an embodiment of your generosity and care. Nestled amidst a lavish arrangement of premium red roses lies a treasure of 50 banknotes, each a 1000 baht value, culminating in a staggering total of 50,000 baht. Imagine presenting this masterpiece to someone dear in Pattaya. Whether it’s to celebrate a significant milestone, express heartfelt congratulations, or simply to showcase your affection, the Luxurious Present Bouquet speaks volumes. Secure delivery ensures this exquisite creation reaches its recipient unscathed. Enclosed is a personalized congratulatory card bearing your message, adding a heartfelt touch to an already stunning gesture.
Attention: when paying by direct bank transfer, the discount on this bouquet is 1800 THB!


In the vibrant tapestry of Thai culture, gift-giving is a reflection of emotions that transcends words. The Luxurious Present bouquet from Flowers-Pattaya, our masterpiece of grandeur, beautifully encapsulates this tradition. This bouquet, brimming with elegance, marries two symbolic elements: the allure of premium red roses and the enchantment of real currency. As the sun-kissed petals of these roses intertwine with the delicate foliage, they envelop 50 precious banknotes, each a beacon of prosperity, creating an exquisite arrangement worth 50,000 baht (about $1400).

The bouquet’s size isn’t only attributed to the array of banknotes but also to the abundance of fresh premium red roses, which, when harmoniously combined with lush green filler, create a bouquet worthy of admiration. To safeguard this masterpiece en route to its recipient, a dedicated vehicle ensures its safe passage. Unlike our other offerings, the Luxurious Present bouquet isn’t left in lobbies or any common area. Instead, we orchestrate a seamless delivery experience, ensuring it’s placed directly into the hands of the recipient, at a pre-arranged time, further showcasing our commitment to excellence.

Let this extraordinary gift be a testament to your sentiments, carrying the essence of our esteemed flower shop in Pattaya, where gestures become memories and emotions find their eternal expression.The actual size of this money bouquet can be seen in the photo gallery of this bouquet. Please note that we recommend ordering this bouquet at least 2 days before delivery. It is possible to create this bouquet with banknotes of a smaller denomination – 500 and 100 baht (the amount of the gift in this case is 25,000 baht and 5,000 baht).


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