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Pleasant Care bouquet (2 days)


Pleasant Care bouquet from Flowers-Pattaya. This bouquet of white flowers in a blue and white wrapper seems to be intended to show your tender and sincere feelings for the recipient: your loved one or your mother. And 10 new crisp banknotes of 500 THB each are a great way to show you care for a loved one. For contrast, this money bouquet features 5,000 THB, white lilies and chrysanthemums with green leaves and flowers, and the wrapper is adorned with a colorful ribbon and bow. Please order this bouquet in advance so that our florists have time to prepare the banknotes and place them in individual bags.

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Introducing the Pleasant Care bouquet from Flowers-Pattaya, a delicate ensemble crafted to convey your deepest sentiments of tenderness and sincerity. Nestled within a serene blue and white wrapper, this bouquet features an arrangement of pristine white lilies and chrysanthemums, adorned with lush green leaves and blossoms, creating a captivating contrast that symbolizes purity, reverence, and new beginnings.

White lilies, with their graceful petals unfurling like whispers of purity, evoke notions of innocence and virtue, while white chrysanthemums, with their serene elegance, symbolize loyalty, honesty, and enduring love. Together, these blooms form a harmonious symphony of emotions, perfect for expressing heartfelt affection towards a loved one or honoring the nurturing spirit of a mother.

Adding a unique twist to tradition, this bouquet is embellished with a thoughtful gesture of care – 10 fresh banknotes of 500 Thai Baht each, meticulously arranged to accentuate the beauty of the floral ensemble. In Thai culture, the act of gifting money is deeply symbolic, representing not just financial support but also a gesture of goodwill, prosperity, and affection. Regardless of gender, nationality, or age, a money bouquet transcends cultural boundaries, making it a universally cherished token of appreciation and care.

To ensure the freshness and integrity of every bouquet, we recommend placing your order in advance. Our dedicated florists take meticulous care to source fresh banknotes from reputable banks, ensuring that each bouquet is crafted with the utmost attention to detail and quality. Please note that as most banks are closed on weekends, advance ordering allows us to secure the finest banknotes for your bouquet in a timely manner.

At Flowers-Pattaya, we prioritize the personalized experience of our customers. Therefore, all money bouquets are delivered only after confirming the delivery time with the recipient. This ensures that every bouquet is received with the joy and appreciation it deserves, as our couriers are unable to leave money bouquets unattended in public spaces. As with other bouquets, our flower shop in Pattaya offers free delivery within the city.

With the “Pleasant Care” bouquet, let your gestures speak volumes, expressing your deepest emotions with elegance, grace, and a touch of thoughtful generosity.


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